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Name of the App: Tealder

Tagline: Teams don’t work without teamwork

Problem: Many students face difficulties  finding the right teammates to work with on a group project. They either end up compromising their interests just to stay in a team or are burdened with most of the work in a given team. Peers do not necessarily have the same academic/career interests, it’s not easy finding people best compatible to match those.

App Description: A mobile application for the purpose of networking in universities for collaborative projects and research work. Connecting people with an academic purpose based on common subject interests and skills.

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

Project Teammates: Nidhi Nagabhushan

PES University, 2021

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Design Process 









  • App Concept

  • Survey

  • Key Insights

  • User Persona

  • Empathy Map

  • User Flow

  • Content


Survey of 376 students from their final year completing an undergraduate Engineering degree. 

7 in 10 people face issues with their team

6 in 10 people compromise their interests to stay in a team

8 in 10 people don't think they are aware of academic opportunities in the university

8 in 10 People are open to teaming up with new people

Key Insights

Finding Teammates 


Students often end up struggling to find the right teammates to work with. They often compromise their academic interests just to stay in a team

Research Outreach 


There is very little outreach on the faculty-led research and industry projects happening in colleges.

Network of academicians


There Current Networking platforms are not specific to a large community of academicians where research work, information on conferences etc. can be shared

User Persona

Undergraduate Students where class sizes are large and academic activity is very diverse. Faculty as well that are looking to connect with students based on their skills and interests.


Name: Rohit Batra

Age: 20

Interests: Biology, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Data Structures and Algorithms, Football, Gaming, Cats.

Personality: Introverted, Has a classmates who are into web development and data structures. Struggles to find teammates for team projects without having to compromise his interests. A Night person , dyslexic.

Name: Veena Iyer

Age: 19

Interests: Signals and Systems, Control System Engineering, PCB Design, Basketball, Cooking   

Personality: Extroverted, Hardworking, Has a friend group not as academically inclined. Usually the teammate leading a project and doing most of the work. A Morning person, works under pressure.

Name: Sachin Mathew

Age: 20

Interests: Web Design, front end development, HTML,CSS, Java Script, Violin, Painting, Books

Personality: Introverted, Prefers to be by himself and work alone. Struggles to collaborate when projects require him. Very involved with university activities. Into a lot of video games. Prefers being ahead of things.

User Flow

Content Guide

The App

The App

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