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A simple product to target the wire clutter we come across in everyday life. A  simple way to store wires without them knotting up or tangling themselves with each other.

Personal Project 


Problem Statement


For musicians, jamming as a band or any sound system setup requires a lot of connections.This wired set up is just for one instrument and for many playing at a time there is a huge clutter of wires which is a major inconvenience.

Problem Research

Common wire connections in a stage set up.

  • 22 major wires

  • 20 meeting points of two or more wires

  • Over 100 possible tangles

User Research​

Conducted a set of surveys and interviews for musicians, people who do stage set-ups and work in jam rooms and are responsible for sound set ups. Gathered several insights on the depth and causes of the problem.

Ideation Sketches​

Final Product Sketch
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